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More About Chairman

It is his strong belief that people would be impressed by the intention and decision to start on an Educational Institution to cater to the needs of younger generations of our societies.

He is a qualified Mechanical Engineer, served as Quality control Surveyor at Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India from 1992, till 2003. Conscious of the worthiness of service to society, even while in professional service, he was always brooding over to substantially contribute to the society’s well being; especially in building up sound mental abilities of the grownups, which has led to focus attention right away to start up with the kids in building up an healthy society to be physically and mentally strong . Consequently he struck up on the concept of providing the most useful and valuable field of education.

Even at the very young age he was engaged himself and utilized his time effectively in various fields properly to learn other Languages, Bible Studies, National Cadet Corps (NCC), Sports, Martial Art and Yoga without affecting the regular education. He had started to learn Karate and Yoga at the age of 10, creating many instructors, teachers and trainers in all his fields of specialization (i.e. he has broken the proverb that … Jack of all trades but master of none, but he become master of all his fields), such are Japanese Abacus and Mental Arithmetic, Meta-Brain, Karate, Yoga, Brain Gym, Synergym Meta-Yoga. With more than 34 years of experience, in his busy schedule still practicing karate, kobu-do, meta-yoga to lead many instructors in this filed, recently he has achieved 6th degree black belt in karate.

Mr. P. Pushpanathan who is conferred with a Doctorate is the man of multiple personality with multiple intelligence, he is the certified person of all his fields of expertise. He always looks for newer things to do and do the best to the society, he is a man of perfection. He is the only licensed instructor for Educational Kinesiology programs, USA, only professional in India for Touch for Health, USA, Neuro- Semantic & Neuro Linguistic Program, USA. Continuing in this field of quality, high standard of powerful mental Education, (for so many number of years) he had been awarded with Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Education and Health. With this credit, knowledge and experience he has founded ‘Synergym Meta-Yoga’ for Health, Healing Therapy, Education and Metaphor. It is the best program for health and brain-body coordination for the present and future. Brainy Kids School for brain education to enhance the Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) at the early age and to have healthier and cleverer children in the society was founded by him. He also introduced an unique program named Meta-Brain to enhance the soft skills and personality development.

He is holding membership in various prestigious Chambers of Commerce such as Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, Osaka Chamber of Commerce, Madras Chamber of Commerce, Tamilnadu Chamber Of Nippon India Trade & Industry (TACNITI). Member of Pan Pacific Abacus Association (PAMA-International), Chinese Abacus Association, Osaka Abacus Association. Also holding highly dignified posts in various fields such as President of PAMA-India, Technical Director and Style Chief of Japan Karate-Do Ryo-bu Kai India, Executive Commissioner Abacus Committee, Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, Taiwan.

As a consultant and educational therapist for children with learning disabilities and children affected by ADD, ADHD and Dyslexia, he is offering service to the needy people.

As president of PAMA-India and as Indian representative, leading children to take part in the international competitions held at various countries, so far children were taken to participate in international competitions held at Indonesia-2003, Taiwan-2004, Singapore-2005, Hong Kong-2006, USA-2007, India-2008, Malaysia-2009-2010 and Thailand-2011. This year children would take part in international competition in Dec. 2012 at Taiwan.

As a part of event management and to spread his knowledge and experience to this society, he is organizing various international events in India and different countries on Abacus and Mental Arithmetic, Synergic kinesiology and Meta-yoga.

As a mentor and director, he had been to several countries to teach, train and appointed people for the various programs at Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Kenya, Oman, Morocco, Malaysia, Mexico, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Turkey, Spain, USA and Canada.

He believes that health is the real wealth; one can become wealthy by choosing any filed but cannot be healthy if there is no importance is given to health. He is with strong will to promote physical and mental health to the present day society which would become eternal in due course.

These detailed information were gathered from his parents, friends, staff and colleagues in addition to his personal history.

Narrated by : N. Sivalingam, Chief Editor, Prodigy World.
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