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  Brainy Kids
What could be the ideal age for the kids to start learning?
  It is the universal belief that a child while in womb is capable of learning. But the Brainy Kids School normally known as Nursery School can have children in the age group of 1 to 6.
What do you call the classes of Brainy Kids?
  The classes of Brainy Kids are formed as Pre-KG, LKG, UKG and Grade I. This is done on the model of schools of the advanced foreign countries.
What are the facilities to be provided in a Brainy Kids school?
  Normally the teaching is imparted in a ‘Brainy School’ based on only ‘activities’. Fundamentally they are Activity Based schools. The Brainy school is expected to equip studios of different arts, specially drawing, dance, music, charts of all types which the kids can enjoy, play materials, materials for taking rest. In short, by handling these materials the left and right brains of a child must get enhanced. Their Extra sensory perception must increase day by day.
What should be the normal strength of a Brainy Kids class? Why?
  The normal strength of Brainy Kids class should be 15. The teacher in-charge of these classes does not normally find it difficult to know each child in person. They have to master the psychology of each child till they are in touch with him/her. The character building and shaping intelligence is a must for every child, more truly, under the control of their teacher.
How far the teachers supposed to accommodate themselves with the Brainy kids?
  The teachers are supposed to be parents in disguise for each child. Their tolerance and behavior must inspire each child to become the future citizen of the world. The Brainy kids are expected to imitate their teachers in all aspects of the class-room situations. Their attention and behavior will be similar to the teachers and their character development will be mostly on par with their teachers and parents.
What special qualities should the teachers bear in him/her to tackle the Brainy-Kids?
  The teachers, their activities, their planning and behavior should serve as a role-model for the children in all aspects. Till the children desire a shape of their own, intelligent and clubbable by nature, without any hesitation in any participation, fluency in speech and action, the teachers can go on guiding them every moment. Their flawless actions on all lines be imitated by the kids till they desire confidence in themselves.
What type of teaching learning process should be adopted in Kids school?
  The teachers of Brainy Kids school are supposed to inspire confidence in them to come forward and perform all types of activities. The kids are not supposed to exhibit any reservation in the activities executed for their sake. The teachers guide the kids to concentrate on their behavior in the class room, outside the classroom and home situations the teachers should attract the attention of the kids in speech (English (or) MT) and guide them to perform without any hesitation. Teacher’s polite behavior, authoritative in communication should be a model for the kids to perform like him/her. Teachers should never discourage the kids in their vital performances and the appreciation of the teachers should elevate them to be a perfect citizen of the world.
How will the teachers be in touch with parents periodically?
The teachers should make it convenient to pay a visit to every kid’s home periodically.
Discuss with the parents the in’s and out’s of the kids while in class and outside the class.
Teachers should encourage the parents to organize activities promoted in schools and be in touch with them periodically.
Teachers should organize functions of national and international caliber at least once in two months, invite parents and give them chance to often their opinions in the activities of the school.
Arrange local visits at least once a month and teachers should give scope for their kids to acquire first hand information in vital matters.
How long the Brainy Kids be detained in the school in a day?
  Normally, the kids may be permitted to take part in activities for 2 Hrs a day. After lunch break, they may be permitted to have rest for at least 2 Hrs. After the rest they may be inspired again with TV Show, Songs, dances etc, before they are dispersal to go home.
In what way the children of Brainy school are benefitted by the instruction given?
  Kids of Brainy school after their participation in the activities based programmes organized by the teachers, their concentration remains mainly on education. They are trained to develop both their left and right brains to enhance their ESP (Extra sensory perception) and shape themselves as a worthy citizen of the world.